Re-manufactured transmissions Pros and Cons

Remanufactured transmissions are used transmissions, which after disassembling are totally reassembled with new hart parts and soft parts. Customers should understand the difference between a remanufactured transmission and a rebuilt transmission. In remanufactured transmission the entire worn out hard parts are replaced and soft parts like gaskets, seals, clutches and bands are changed where as in rebuilt transmission entire parts are not changed. People opt for remanufactured transmissions are because of the massive cost savings when compared to buying a new transmission and most of the remanufactured transmissions come with a good warranty. Remanufactured transmissions consume very less energy and consumption and emit less carbon when compared with new transmissions.

Most of the trucking and shipping companies prefer remanufactured transmissions over new because of the reliability and affordability because firms that make remanufacture transmissions use high-end technology and incorporate the latest modifications and updates in the process, which leaves your vehicle feeling better than new. The process of remanufacture transmissions is that it goes through a hot tank and run through the paces of a dyno, which stimulates in real world conditions using custom built applications, shift calibrations and defined speeds. For a customer who is on a budget and wants his car to be on the road as quickly as possible then remanufactured transmissions is the ideal choice for their cars than spending money on a new transmission.

The pros and cons of using remanufactured transmissions


• Remanufactured transmissions come with all factory updates like valve body modification, quality friction materials and internal parts for good quality transmission.

• Buying a Remanufactured transmission saves hundreds of dollars than buying a new one.

• A Remanufactured transmission will have all new parts.

• Warranty being offered will be almost equivalent to new transmissions.


• Warranty may not be equal to a new transmission but if you buy the Remanufactured transmission from a trusted source then this is not an issue.

• Ensure that the Remanufactured transmission has gone through all the testing process.

The advantage and benefits of choosing a remanufactured transmission leaves behind all the drawbacks. If you are buying from a professional company with a good reputation who tests their products on a regular basis and stands behind the product with a good solid warranty then you should have no trouble buying remanufactured transmission. When you buy a remanufactured transmission, make a thorough research about that company and consider the warranty offered with it.